Online sales sites for replica watches

The case is gold-plated, the hands are flat, and the magnifying glass does not enlarge the date as usual. No need to look any further. What you are holding in your hands is not an extremely rare piece, but a neat fake.

Every collector will face the problem of fakes at some point. Because he buys watches, because he prefers rare models, and because the game also includes getting good deals, the collector is forced to take risks. To avoid some pitfalls, let's return to a phenomenon that, contrary to common belief replica watches, dates back to the dawn of humanity: the phenomenon of duplication. But first, what is it about? Without getting into the legal details, customs regulations and intellectual property regulations, watches whose design or branding has been fraudulently copied will be considered counterfeit products.

Generally speaking, fakes are made in Asia, more precisely in China. There are also some workshops in Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

This output accounts for more than 90% of the total. We also noted the existence of so-called “high-end” counterfeit product manufacturing bases in Turkey, Italy and Spain. These imitations are sold around the world on travel websites and on the Internet, where online sales sites for fake watches abound.

What we want to note now is that there are two types of websites, those that openly sell replicas of luxury watches and those that sell replicas by pretending to be the original model and accompanying it with a box and a guarantee... They are also fake.