Shades of a (Nigger)

The N-word there it all began. Why do we still use a word as nigger in 2017 to name another? Who can and can't use the word? If you use the N-word in what form do you do that? What is the historical, social and social charge behind the word nigger?

Institutional racism is a fact in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is not the small, innocent and tolerant country that many white Dutch people want it to be. The Netherlands is the country of invisible discrimination (microagression), color blindness, evasive behavior and the claim of innocence. White Netherlander do not see that they are privileged against the 'others'. The white Netherlander is never picked up by the police because of their skin color, never discriminated against for an internship or a workplace because of a "non-Dutch" name or appearance. The white Netherlander is never asked where they actually come from or complimented on the fact that they speak 'Dutch very well'. They'll never hear 'go back to where you come from' when they criticize the Netherlands. This kind of microagression 'the others' experience daily. When the others criticize the Netherlands, they are told, "We don't do that, here in the Netherlands." If you want to be in Netherlands, you need to adjust to the white superiority. The following quote from Gloria Wekker describes the relationship with "the other" in the Netherlands: "If you want to be equal to us, then do not talk about differences; men hvis du er forskjellig fra oss, så er du ikke like ". The power structures in the Netherlands are so well established during colonialism that they have an effective function in contemporary society. Where white is the standard, this is reflected in the mainstream media, police, higher education and in the cosmetics and clothing world. The Netherlands refuses to adapt to contemporary diversity.