Are Scared of Revolution

The history of the word nigger is often traced to the Latin word niger, meaning Black. This word became the noun, Negro (Black person) in English, and simply the color Black in Spanish and Portuguese. In early modern French, niger became negre and, later, negress (Black woman) was unmistakably a part of language history. One can compare to negre the derogatory nigger and earlier English substitutes such as negar, neegar, neger, and niggor that developed into its lexico-semantic true version in English. It is probable that nigger is a phonetic spelling of the White Southern mispronunciation of Negro.

Shades of a (Nigger, Colored, Black, Non-White, the Other)
The N-word there it all began. Why do we still use a word as nigger in 2017 to name another? Who can and can't use the word? If you use the N-word in what form do you do that? What is the historical, social and social charge behind the word nigger?

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