On Wikipedia many women and gender non-conforming people experience harassment. This may range from nearly-innocuous comments to actual death threats. This do to the gender gap on Wikipedia, nearly 91% of these volunteer "Wikipedians" are male, 8% women and 1% gender non-conforming. The founders of Wikifema created a Wikipedia-based platform for women.

Wikifema is the first and only encyclopedia by women, for women and about women. The goal of Wikifema is to provide women with tools, connections and resources they need to express themselves, all while growing the sisterhood of women.

Creating an empowering, encouraging and supportive environment for women to learn, to share and to find their voice. Now before you go and send a bunch of hate mails stating it’s reverse sexism, please hear Wikifema out because women are treated differently then men are in some circles. That’s a women’s reality not men’s.

For example: a women Wikipedian who goes by the username Lightbreather discovered that someone was posting images on a pornographic website and falsely claiming they were her. A Google search of the poster’s username led her back to one of her fellow male Wikipedian. In a page set up to discuss Lightbreather’s harassment, the user Eric Corbett, who has at times been blocked from editing the site, told her “The easiest way to avoid being called a cunt is not to act like one.”

On Wikifema you’ve the opportunity to oppose inequality on Wikipedia, the opportunity to ad, gain and share knowledge while finding a voice without ridicule, abuse or harassment. Wikifema was formally launched on March 15, 2016, as a single English-language edition at Wikifema's policy of "A women point-of-view" was codified in its first months, collectively by the founders of Wikifema and the first volunteers. All women are welcome to join.