Isn’t Pretty Enough

Isn’t pretty enough is a poster series based on the conscious or unconscious pursuit of a Eurocentric beauty ideal in which colorism, plastic surgery and the hair industry are highlighted.

A number of questions formed the basis for my posters. Such as: Why is a lighter-skinned person considered more beautiful or more valuable than a dark-skinned person.

How did black women’s hair care become a multi-billion dollar industry? With shampoos, relaxers, hair lotions, weaves, extensions and wigs? And who benefits? Is it true that hair is more than a style for black women?

Plastic surgery, why cut and paste? What is the effect of Snapchat and Instagram filters on ‘Saying yes’ to plastic surgery.’ Is it worth cutting and pasting to end up with a result that doesn’t make you happy?

Simply to realize that you were already beautiful.

Streets of Amsterdam
We’re out here is an ode to street guerrilla poster culture that has produced a particular complex design aesthetics and vernacular across counter cultures. This hommage allows typography to take center stage and narrate each statement or story the designer wants to rely. To whom does the street belong we ask? Who is allowed to occupy public space in times of duress and privatization? The works occupy and vibrate as a constellation through various intersections and squares in Amsterdam.

Stedelijk museum
For the first edition of POST/NO/BILLS, graphic design curator Thomas Castro invites Metro54 to present We’re Out Here, an ode to street guerilla poster culture. With work by designers Lydienne Albertoe, Serana Angelista, Jeanine van Berkel and Cengiz Mengüç.

POST/NO/BILLS along the main arterial road in the museum, from the Audizaal to the roundabout of the historic staircase, where the fastest forms of graphic design are displayed with regular changes.