Emotions/Belonging 2.0

Where belonging and finding my place and being plays an important role. Belonging has been playing an important role in my life for as long as I remember. And still I don’t know how to give that feeling or question of belonging a place. Not being able to describe what my roots or home is.

I neither feel Dutch nor Curaçaoan, strugglingbetween both cultures.

I prefer just to be Lydienne. But still I can’t tell who Lydienne is and what she stands for. These questions are playing with my dreams when I sleep, but never turns into a nightmare. These questions are playing with my emotional state, but never turns into depression. They are questions that keeps me busy, but don’t bother me. They help me shape Lydienne.

I’m starting to get the feeling that not belonging is part of being Lydienne and that’s okay.

2.0 I made new mask while researching Tambu, I used a different technic. Dripstick with inkt, instead of brush with paint.