Een Bitter Zoete Wraak

This is my visual translation of the book: The Brooklyn Club by Bart Koubaa

A Draght Mackt Maght
Against the background of recent American history unfolds the life of a boy who has lost his mother and father at a young age. He founded the Brooklyn club with some friends, with the motto A Draght Mackt Maght. In this club guys attack each other blindfolded with a rod bundle. The ideas that live in the club, constitute the main character significantly. As they 'know' in the club, choices are made unconsciously.

When Mayer makes his entrance into the club, the rules of the game and the atmosphere changes. Mayer has influence over everything, not only in the club but also on world the outside the club. The oil crisis? Mayer fault. The subsequent crisis? Idem. Each low point in the history of the United States by the protagonist linked to Mayer. And he's also the another one who raped the girlfriend of the main character.

On extremely fortuitous way arises the opportunity to get rid of Mayer, for the main character, an idea that he has playing with for years. A Greenlander is planning to abduct and ransom Mayer. The main character understands casual Greenland and takes advantage of it. The fact that the main character is a double of Mayer comes in handy. Incidentally, this settlement takes place only on forty-two years after the rape. Hardly be called an unconscious choice, but the main character says: "premeditation my ass."